Our Favourite Podcasts For Money Advice

Podcasts are the new vlogs and everyone is tuning in. You can find a podcast on practically any subject and they are a great way to learn new things while out and about. Thanks to the rise in podcast success, you can now get a range of financial tips & tricks right in your ears. Learn about how to save money, how to invest and how to get on the property ladder with experts. We got together and picked our favourite podcasts for money advice.

Here are our 4 picks for productive podcast listening:

She’s On The Money

Hosted by millennial money expert Victoria Devine of Zella Financial, She’s On The Money takes an engaging but educational look at spending habits for young women. Whether it’s what to do about your Afterpay accounts or if banks really look at your UberEats transactions, they break it down into digestible pieces, making financial education relevant and accessible for all.

My Millennial Money

Glen James (Money Expert) & John Pidgeon (Property Investment Expert) have a lighthearted look at money and why it matters to young Australian’s. Like Hamish & Andy but for money, they make the content funny and entertaining for listeners while giving practical tips and insights. The My Millenial Money team also have a property-specific podcast for you to get even more property related news and education. Winner!

How to Money

Matt & Joe are the relatable money conversations we all want to listen to. The young, savvy, friends discuss their careers, families and investment properties while looking at all the clever ways you can cut costs. They believe in living rich with less money and take a look at finances in a practical, purposeful way that you can easily adopt into your own money journey.

The Dave Ramsey Show

Dave Ramsey is arguably the Godfather of making financial education accessible to everyone. He’s been doing it since before Podcasts and has helped millions across the world with books, courses and classes. The Dave Ramsey Show is packed with years of experience and actionable advice for anyone to listen to at any point of their financial journey.

What are your favourite podcasts for money advice? Let us know if we missed any goodies.

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