Money Mindset Mantras

For many of us, our relationship with finances and saving is developed throughout our lives and forms based on our experiences and situations we find ourselves in. If you’re not taught how to save, or how to set long-term financial goals, how will you ever know what steps to take? And, even if you do take steps toward looking after your money, sometimes the thing that really holds you back is your own limiting thoughts.

While it may seem a little “woo-woo” there are lots of studies to show that your thoughts affect the way you approach your goals and can impact your success. It’s all about thinking positively and attracting positive things back.

So if you are finding yourself thinking “maybe I’ll never own a home” or “I’m rubbish at saving”, here are some money mindset mantras to repeat to yourself.

  • I live with intent and move powerfully towards my financial goals
  • My savings are constantly increasing
  • I am in control of my own spending
  • Money flows freely to me
  • I have more than enough
  • I am worthy of financial success
  • My goals are in reach
  • I am open to money coming to me
  • I have an abundance of wealth
  • I am fearless in the pursuit of my goals

Repeat 1-2 of these each morning to keep yourself feeling on track and remind yourself what you are striving for and capable of.

BONUS TIP: Create a visual goal board. Print out the things you’re working towards, the areas you would like to live in and how it will feel owning your own house. It will help you keep your goals in the front of your mind.

Now you’ve sorted your mindset, it’s time to talk to someone about achieving your goals. Fill out the 60-second form on our homepage to let us know your details and an expert will call you to discuss buying your first home. We can help first home buyers get up to $30,000 towards a deposit!