Is Building A House Worth It?

So you’re ready to buy your first home (well done you!) and you’re not sure whether you want to buy an existing home, or a build a new one. You like the idea of building new, but you know it can be a full-on process so you are wondering ‘is building a house worth it’? Look, we build houses for a living, so we may be biased… but we also have a pretty great understanding of the reasons why building a home is pretty great. Here’s why we think building a home is worth it…

New homes are, NEW

Sounds obvious, but being a new home means it is up to the latest building code and has the latest technology. You also have the chance to think about the more basic structures like water and electricity set up, so that you can ensure you have the most energy-efficient, cost-saving options.

New homes are less maintenance

A new home means you are much less likely to have any surprise breakages that need repair. And if for some reason you do, most builders offer a warranty on the home and would fix any major issues for free in the first few years. Buying an older home means you don’t really know what you’re getting, and if something goes wrong it’s on you to repair it. This can be a super costly experience when you take on someone else’s home, who may not have taken care of it properly.

It’s your design

When you build a new home, you get to choose the design and layout. If you buy an existing home, the design is pre-existing and won’t likely be exactly what you want. It’s rare to buy an existing home and not want to make some changes here and there, which all adds up.

You choose the location

When you buy an existing home, you often have a list of requirements. This can mean making compromises on either location or design if you can’t find something that is the perfect combination of both. When you build a home, you choose where you build it. So you can shop around for the perfect location for you, and then build your perfect home in that spot.

Building is Easy if you do it with First Home Hero

One of the main reasons people can be apprehensive to build new is because it seems like a daunting process. And it can be, if you take on all of that responsibility yourself. Choosing to build through First Home Hero, means we take on the stress for you. We have many home designs to choose from, we help you find the block you want, we help you apply for the loan and we coach you through the entire process.

Not only is our service free, but it also comes with a bonus for QLD first home buyers! We are offering to match the first home buyers grant, meaning if you qualify you will get $15,000 from us and another $15,000 from the government. Ready to get started? Apply here.