How to Choose an Area to Build or Buy a Home

When you decide to build a home, there is an obvious crucial step you need to go through before you can begin, and that’s choosing a where to live. So how exactly do you choose a block of land to build on? What are the keys things you need to consider? Here are our recommended things to keep in mind.



The number one thing to consider is your budget. There’s not much point deciding to live somewhere and then finding out you can’t afford it, it’s best to find out how much you can borrow first and then narrow down your options. Once you know your borrowing capacity (your First Home Hero manager will tell you this) then it’s time to start researching price ranges in your preferred areas. Be sure to keep an open mind in case can’t afford the exact location you wanted, do your research of all the places close by so you can see the difference in price.


Family & Friends

Is being close to family and friends important to you? Think about who you want to be close to, and consider what areas you can afford that are close by. Be sure to check they aren’t planning to move anytime soon!



Do you need to be close to public transport, how far is the closest bus stop? Or even if you mostly drive, can you easily hop on the M1 to get to work quickly? Do you have kids that might need to be able to catch a bus somewhere? Check the routes on Google Maps to make sure your transport options and commutes are reasonable.



Do you need to be near a school? Is there a certain school you would want your kids to go to? Does the school bus go to your area? Be sure to check out all of this information in advance.



Do you like to go for a morning run outside, or maybe work from a local café? Is there a supermarket close by so you can easily do your groceries? Think about what’s important in your lifestyle and what you need close by.


Noise & Safety

Is the area under a flight path or near a noisy road? Is the area safe? Research crime rates and local news for the area, and go for a drive in a time you would be home to see what the neighbourhood is like. This will give you a good indication of if the area feels right for you.


Council plans

It’s also worth checking any council plans for the area, to see if there is something going to happen in the next few years that might affect you. The area might be perfect now, but there could be some proposed works that could change what you like about the area.


Prefered home design

Last but not least, if you are buying a block of land, you need to ensure your preferred home design will fit! Although a house might ‘technically’ be able to fit on a block of land, some designs require a specific amount of space around the house. Check with your builder what size block you need to have. If you are building through us, your First Home Hero manager will help you with this too.


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