How to Choose a Block of Land to Build on

When building a home, blocks of land can end up costing more than the building itself, so be thorough in your research. Choosing the right block of land is equally as important as choosing the right builder. Here are 4 things to look for when choosing a block of land.

Size and Shape

First and foremost, it goes without saying that your block will have to accommodate your house (or one of our beautiful designs) you’ve chosen to build. You should consider the size of your block depending on your personal circumstance. For instance, a family will need a larger block in order to have backyard space for the kids and pets, whereas a single owner or a couple may need less space. Your block is vital to the size of your chosen home so plan for the future to cater for any distant lifestyle changes.

You will also need to check minimum size restrictions with your builder or first home hero manager. You might be surprised to know that although you may think a 50 square meter home should, in theory, fit on a 50 square meter block, there are certain rules, regulations and allowances that mean you will need a block of land much bigger.


Another thing that you should consider before your home is even in its initial stages is location. Location is a key factor to the value of your future home, it may be tempting to go for a cheaper lot but you have to remember homes in prime locations are instantly valued at a higher rate (which is brilliant for you in the long run). Also, it will be a huge perk for you to be closer to key amenities. So when purchasing a lot, try and go for the best you can manage and afford, while also aiming for a quieter street. That’s not asking for too much, right?

Tip: You should be careful when considering blocks of land near large bush-land or waterways. These areas can impact your insurance costs as companies believe possible dangers lurk here (possibility of floods or bush fires).

Orientation and Slope

Next up on the chopping block is the direction the block faces and considering natural light. This is handy to make use of, it gives the potential to harness the sun both for passive solar heating, which creates lower electricity bills, and for collecting solar power. Carefully choosing the placement of your land will not only reduce your heating bills but also allow your house to be more eco-friendly.

Exposure to the West needs to be carefully considered – rooms along the western side will be hard to keep cool on hot summer days. Blocks with western views generally cost less than north and eastern views, due to the difficulties involved. Where we are located (southern hemisphere) a north-facing slope is ideal for solar access. Which bring us to sloping blocks…

We know a sloping block with beautiful views can be difficult to resist, but keep in mind they also require far more preparation. If it is on a significant slope, either the land will need to be altered, cut and filled, or you’ll need to build a house that takes that slope into account. It’s worth remembering that while these things might make your dream home more spectacular, they’re also likely to come with a steep price tag.

Natural Masses

One last thing to keep in mind is natural masses on your land like trees, rocks and soil.

If you have decided to purchase a block of land on an unestablished or rural area there are a few checks to have completed before anything is underway. Soil testing will need to be administered on your block to determine if you soil is reactive, which is unable to be built on. The type of earth you lay your foundations on can have repercussions on your home for the course of its whole life, this is especially the case if you have a concrete slab floor.

Blocks of land that are rocky, have exposed rock or have trees that need to be removed will cost more to build on. An easy way you can solve this problem is to purchase a home and land package. This way you know that the block has been chosen correctly and prepped for a build.

Hopefully, this has given some insight into buying a block of land. It can be an exciting experience, as long as you keep your head down and research along the way. Look to the future, even if (or especially if) you plan on your build becoming your forever home.

This is where we, at First Home Hero thrive. We remove the stress and complexity and provide ideal home and land packages. Using our service eliminates many painstaking hours of research involved in a pre block purchase. Ready to apply? Take a look at our current offer here.