How First Home Hero Works

We’ve been popping up in your feed for a while now, and you’re thinking an extra $55,000 towards your first home sounds nice… but how does it actually work? Are we a little bit nutty giving away a chunk of cashola out of our own pocket? Well, maybe. But here’s how it works all the same…

So first things first, the $55k is made up of 3 payments:

  1. The QLD First Home Buyers Grant ($15k from the government)
  2. The HomeBuilders Grant ($25k from the government)
  3. Our own contribution ($15k from us)

To get the whole $55k you have to be able to meet the criteria for each of the payments. If you can only meet one or two of them, then you mightly only get $35k or $15k… still not bad! (Find out the requirements for the First Home Buyers Grant and the HomeBuilder Grant).

The easiest one to qualify for is the $15k from us, because you don’t actually need to be a first home buyer. Basically, to be able to use the First Home Hero service and get the extra $15,000 from us you need to buy one of our house and land packages. These are not pre-existing homes, they are a package so that you can build a home of your choosing, on a block of land. You still need to be able to pass the basic requirements of getting a mortgage, but you only need around $5,000 saved instead of the $20k+ you might need without our help.

We are a Queensland business and have helped many QLD first home buyers build a home (although you do not have to be a first home buyer). As a part of our service, we help you through every stage of the process so that it’s nice and smooth for both of us. We are kind of the ‘middle man’ between you and the builder.

Why do we give away money?

Ok, so you might still be wondering why on earth we would give away $15,000 and provide a free service. Are we angels? How do we afford to live?! Although we do like to think of ourselves as a kind of hero, we do actually make money. We make our money through the home you build, and we choose to give $15,000 of that money to our customers as an incentive to use our service. It’s a win-win for both parties.

If you are ready to start the journey and build your home, you can apply here, or take a look at our blog on how the process works.