5 Tips for Building A Home

So, you have decided to want to build a home… congratulations! You might be feeling a little bit overwhelmed, and not sure where to start. We have got together our 5 best tips, to get you on your way.

1. Find out what you have to spend

This may sound a little obvious, but it’s a crucial first step before you start doing too much planning. You will need to find out your borrowing capacity from a lender if you are borrowing money, this will be the basis of how you plan everything. It’s free to do this through a bank or mortgage broker, and it’s the first part of the First Home Hero process if you go through us.

2. Budget more than you expect

Make sure you allow room for the home to go over your original price, if you are organising it yourself you may have some last-minute additions that you didn’t expect. It’s always good to have some wiggle room in case things don’t go to plan. If you choose a home and land package through us this tip won’t apply, all of our package costs are provided upfront and all the finished are included.

3. Pick the right builder

Make sure you choose a reputable builder that has proven experience. You don’t want to allow for any mistakes to be made with the build, building mistakes are more expensive than regular mistakes! Ask to see some properties they have built in the past, and do your research. We use Gallery Homes as our builder in QLD because they have been around for a very long time and consistently produce a high standard of work.

4. Understand your agreement

Make sure you know what is included in the build, you might be surprised what is not included in some cases. Many home and land packages don’t include the finishing touches that you need to actually move into a home, and tacking these on last-minute can really add up. With First Home Hero, all of your finishes will be included.

5. Look for ways to save

Do your research and see if there are any grants available that can give you some extra money towards the build. Look at the government website for your local state, and see if you may be eligible for money towards your home. In QLD the standard grant is $15,000.

A great option that covers all of these tips and more is to purchase a house and land package through First Home Hero. We will tell you how much you have to spend, our homes are a fixed price so you don’t go over costs and we use a reputable builder, We have more inclusions than most companies, and we even offer $15,000 towards your new home. Head to our website to fill out the form.