4 Things You Need To Do Before You Build a Home

So you are considering building or have started building your own home, congratulations! It’s an exciting process designing and watching your build come from the ground and become your future home. During this process there are many moving parts to keep a close eye on from start to finish, so let’s try and highlight some things to do before you begin so you aren’t staring wide-eyed at that one finish you wish you changed.

Get the right location

The first thing that you should consider before your home is even in its initial stages is location. Location is a key factor to the value of your future home, it may be tempting to go for a cheaper lot but you have to remember homes in prime locations are instantly valued at a higher rate (which is brilliant for you in the long run). Also, it will be a huge perk for you to be closer to key amenities. So when purchasing a lot, try and go for the best you can manage and afford.

Build an experienced team

Bring the complete team together before your build commences. This way there are little to no setbacks during construction as there will be no new team members to tweak the design after that milestone has been passed (there’s no need to take a step back, it’s all up from here). It will help with budgeting as you will have all professions, on hand, ready to go. This is where we at First Home Hero shine, as we have a team with over 10 years experience ready to take the stress from your many hours of research and commence building your first home with everything in place and ready to go. Our builders keep you updated with photo’s throughout the stages of your home build, from the ground up. We even have a set of 14 uniquely designed homes to suit any of your preferences.

Plan your rooms for your lifestyle

Underutilised rooms will sneak up on you, you may think that extra room will make a great home gym, but there’s a high chance it could become a dumping ground to place all those unwanted bits and pieces that never get used and the treadmill will become a clothes rack for last seasons wardrobe. If you ultimately do want an additional room, why not make it a room that can transition from one room to another. An office space that can also double as a guest room, might be more useful dependant on your lifestyle.

Establish your must-haves

Relying on someone else to tell you what you need is not a great idea. This is your home and you want and need it to be perfect. Professionals can and will make a number of suggestions, but overall you and only you know what is in the best interest of your home. Establish a list of the ‘must-haves’ in your dream home, and do what you can to get them included.

At First Home Hero we are able to cater to your needs as we believe your future home should be the perfect fit. First Home Hero also offers $15k from us towards your new home, which coupled with current grants means you may be eligible for up to $55k! Apply here to get started.