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$15k + $15k = $30,000. That’s a big chunk of a deposit.

First Home Hero is rescuing renters by breaking down the barriers to first home ownership for everyday Aussies. We do that by contributing to the deposit, finding your block of land, building your house and guiding you through the entire process, end to end.

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Receive your $30k and use it to secure your mortgage with your First Home Hero Broker.

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Our Mission

Paying rent, covering the bills and keeping up with general living expenses is hard for the everyday Aussie. Anyone aspiring to own their home soon realise that it’s either extremely difficult or impossible.

We’re changing that.

We provide up to 100% of your deposit when you couple our $15,000 contribution with the First Home Owners Grant. Our mission is for every Aussie to own a home by breaking down the barriers to home ownership and want to help you escape the rent trap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my First Home Hero Manager?

Your First Home Hero Manager is the first person you speak to after filling out the online form. They will explain everything from getting your deposit, applying for finance, choosing house and land and will be with you throughout the entire process.

Do I need a deposit?

Getting a loan from any bank means that you will require a deposit; however when you couple your $15,000 Government First Home Owners Grant with the First Home Hero contribution, you automatically unlock $30,000 for you to use as a deposit.
First Home Hero helps you through the deposit barrier to make is easy for Aussies to get their foot in the property market and escape the rent trap.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible to receive the $15,000 contribution from First Home Hero, you simply need to be able to service a mortgage. That means having things like a good credit rating, a stable job and paying your bills on time. Basically, if a bank can look at your current financial situation and be sure you can meet the mortgage repayments – then you are eligible.
One other eligibility criteria is that you can only use your $15,000 contribution toward a First Home Hero House and Land Package.

How do I choose a House and Land Package?

Your First Home Manager will find out where you want to live and find a suitable block and house design to fit your budget. You tell us what you like and where you want to live and we’ll find the perfect fit.

What if this isn’t my first home?

If you’ve owned a home before – that’s fine too. You’ll still get your $15,000 contribution from First Home Hero, but you won’t be eligible for the Government First Home Owners Grant.

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